Why Us?


  • Nothing Flash websites are entry-level sites, benefitting from simple navigation so they're easy to get round and provide visitors with the information they want quickly and easily
  • We're a small business so you get quick results. Your website work won't get lost in the art department when a bigger, more interesting, more lucrative project comes along
  • One person deals with your website for a consistent appearance and consistent point of contact
  • Decades of marketing, website copywriting and website research experience - Nothing Flash Web Solutions Ltd is a one stop shop for all your website needs
  • Simplicity is cost effective. We won't weigh you down, both figuratively and financially, with unnecessary bells and whistles


Sarah Christensen Website Designer, Copywriter and Marketer

Based in Cambridge UK, I spent well over six years writing effective website copy for a number of clients for a large American, online publishing house. This proved a vital training ground for understanding what makes good copy, how keywords work, and how search engines operate.

Subjects ranged from male pattern baldness to DIY, degree courses in small town America and even lawn care. Often, I was faced with a subject I knew little or nothing about....so I turned to the internet. I discovered the hard way what makes one website readable and useful, and what makes people run a mile. Thousands of web pages have been visited every month.

I know what works from a user's perspective.

Sales and Marketing

Prior to copywriting I spent around 12 years in sales and marketing. My employers included large corporations and also small Cambridge businesses. I have the expertise and training provided by "no expense spared" corporations, but also fully understand the needs and constraints of small businesses.

Why Avoid Flash?

In my opinion, Flash is for web developers who want to make their website look cool.....at the expense of usability - they can also charge more. Around 50% of people browsing cannot "see" Flash websites. They may not have installed Flash on their computer, they may not have a fast enough link to make it work, or one of a number of other reasons. At the end of the day, that's 50% of your users who are knocking on your front door...and it won't open. You wouldn't advertise your business then lock the door for half the day would you? Few web designers put themselves in the user's shoes in the way that I do.


Contact me to see what I can do for you and your business 07768 821062 or sarah@nothingflash.co.uk


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