Hourly Rate

We charge £45 an hour for web design, artwork, reworking, testing and consultancy. Travel/parking costs are not included and are charged at 40p/mile. You could have a simple web presence in as little as one day.

Hosting and Domain Name Registration

Hosting and domain name registration are an essential part of creating a website and your website would not exist without them. The charges made by a third party for these services are typically in the £30 to £50 range to set up and then around £20 for subsequent years. The fees vary, depending on the name that you choose; some are more expensive than others.


Many people like to have a map so that new customers, visitors or delivery people can find the location with a minimum of fuss.This map will also be available on Google maps....and will look a bit like this:

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Sat Nav

Some customers also request geographic co-ordinates for use with a sat nav. No Problem! Let us know and we can work that out for you.

Payment Terms

Once a spec for any work is agreed, we will provide you with an estimate of cost based on that spec. A 25% deposit is payable before work can start. The remainder is payable immediately on completion of the work agreed. This is standard in web design and seems to be fair to all parties.

Should there be any unforeseen major reason for departure from the agreed spec we will contact you immediately in order to discuss a solution. Remember that if you change your mind and want to alter the spec after work has already been done you will be charged at the standard rate for the time taken to make those alterations.


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